Pat Mire is an award-winning documentary and feature filmmaker based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Mire’s cultural documentaries have been broadcast nationally on PBS and the Discovery Channel and have won the highest awards in the most prestigious national and international competitions. Now you can explore the world of French Louisiana by browsing Pat’s filmography, viewing film clips, purchasing films, and staying abreast of upcoming lectures and screenings all in one place.

Pat Mire wraps shoot in Bossier City with singer/songwriter/actor legend Kris Kristofferson. Photo by Neal Hahn.

Pat Mire Wraps Shoot In Bossier City With Singer/Songwriter/Actor Legend Kris Kristofferson


National WWII Museum To Screen “Mon Cher Camarade”

27 April 2014

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans has scheduled a special screening of Pat Mire’s film MON CHER CAMARADE on Tuesday evening, June 3, 2014, at the Solomon Victory Theater.… more ›

“Mon Cher Camarade” Featured Screening at Foreign Language Film Conference

22 October 2013

Pat Mire’s “Mon Cher Camarade,” a film on the role of French speaking Cajun soldiers in WWII France, will screen at Louisiana State University on the evening of November 1st.… more ›

Pat Mire Films Plans 2014 Release of “Sushi and Sauce Piquante”

17 September 2013

Sushi & Sauce Piquante Trailer from Pat Mire Films on Vimeo. more ›